What keeps you waiting

What keeps you single and waiting?
Searching for Ms. or Mr. perfect will keep you single forever, because there is no such thing as perfect life partner. Compatibility is the key to a lasting relationship and most important thing is being persistent in finding a life partner.
1. Expecting a prince charming or a princess will keep you single:
Some people love to fantasize and expect they will meet a gorgeous man or a beautiful perfect woman. You need to look at yourself and really assess and think what you have to offer. These handsome men and gorgeous women could be high maintenance and narcissistic. Can you put up with that? Lets be practical and live in the real world and find someone who complements us in every way.
2. Being pretentious keeps you single
Being arrogant, thinking you are better than everyone, keeps you single. No one is perfect, we live in this world with our imperfections. It will make you look unattractive and is definitely a bad characteristic to have when you want to attract people in your life.
3. Being busy will keep you single
Everyone is busy these days. You need to take time and concentrate on your love life. Would you like your life to be mundane and conventional? It is quite simple just learn to be bit more organized. Give priority to someone special; don't make him/her wait for your phone call, email or a dinner date. Be spontaneous give your personal life priority. Recent studies have shown happy people are more productive and perform better in life.
4. Acting desperate will keep you single!
You have been single for some time fine; it does take a bit of time to find a compatible life partner. OK, recently you’ve just found someone interesting take it easy; do not get too emotionally committed. If he or she has not responded to your call or text message relax and do not over analyze the situation. Remember being desperate will not help your relationship.
5. Fear of being rejected keeps you Single!
We are interested in the opposite sex. The fear of being rejected, lack of self confidence and being afraid of commitment keeps us single. If you are emotionally not prepared to go forward you will remain single for a long time.
6. Thinking or talking about ex keeps you single!
You've had a rough experience in the past and you find it difficult to trust anyone. Or you keep taking about your ex which indicates you have not moved on with your life. Remember past is past, now is the time to move on and find your love again.
7. Being judgmental will keep you single!
In your first meeting instead of trying to be judgmental and over critical, try to find something positive about the person. Yes, life can be good if you stop expecting and start accepting.
Over the past decade, Studies of http://www.bhavbandh.com members have shown people who do not respond to messages or phone calls, do not put a face to their profile and stay inactive, will remain single for a long time and frustrated.