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1.What is
A. is a matrimonial website of "BHAVBANDH" the registered marriage bureau.
2.Who can register and how?
A. Eligible candidate as per the Indian Marriage act belongs to any religion,cast and location can register.
3.Can I register a matrimonial account on behalf of a relative or a friend?
A. Yes you can! In the registration form you can specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you're registering a matrimonial account.
4.What are the benefits of registering on Do I get anything FREE?
A. You get lots of FREE services when you register on
Registration on is an easy procedure, you can visit – click on register and post your profile. All you needto do is, fill out the required information in the Registration Form as accurately as possible and click on the 'submit' button. Or send your complete profile details across email at '' or via courier at our office address.
  • Post your personal profile on
  • Add / Edit your photo Album.
  • Creat a parnter profile of the kind of person you are looking for.
  • Search and view complete profile details after login to your profile.
  • Express interest in other members and respond to members who expressed interst in you.
  • Shortlist the profiles that you like as 'Favorite' to view later.
  • Get list of latest updated profiles across email every month or on request.
5.The form seems to be a bit lengthy. Do I need to fill it entirely?
A. We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill in a long form in one single shot. However, matrimony is serious business making it important to convey detailed information to interested members. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other members of So please do take the time and effort to complete your profile.
6. What are Mendatory / Compulsory fields, what if i do not give these informations?
A. All the compulsory / Mandatory fields marekd with (*) have to be filled in order to complete the registration process. Icase of the profile not having the mandatory details will not be consider as genuine and it will be deleted from our website
7. Can I specify more than one email address while registering with
A. You may provide two email ID but the primary email ID is your login ID and and you should use the same email ID to communicate with us, you may enter the another email ID in alternate email ID section.
8. My Religion/Caste/Mother tongue/Profession is not listed in the registration form of What should I do?

A. has tried to be as comprehensive as possible while creating the many lists being used in the registration form. However, it is possible that your particular religion / caste, mother tongue, education, profession etc may not be represented here.

In such a case we request that you use the 'Other' option provided to you. Also, you can send an email clearly listing the new addition you would like us to make to our matrimonial service. While we do not guarantee that your suggestion will be accepted, we will try our best to ensure that it does.

9.The registration form requires information about my Birth time and place of birth (Horoscope). What do I do if I am not sure of these details?
A.These details are usually of interest for matching horoscopes. You may leave these details blank if you are not sure of answers to these questions. However, we recommend that you try and find these answers and enter them later.
10. What is a Profile ID? Is it important?
A. Profile ID is system generated unique ID identifies your profile on Every member of has a unique Profile ID. The Profile ID appears at the top of every profile. Profile IDs of the grooms (Male) profile starts from "bhg" indicating the groom's profile and profile IDs of the the brides (Female) profile starts from “bhb” indicating the brides profiles.
11. What is login/user ID?
A. Your primary email ID is your login/user ID, you need to use it every time you login to your profile, it can be changed by using the edit profile section after login to your profile.
12. What is password? What is the use of it?
A. A password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication and to gain access to your profile on and also to edit your details/password. The password should be kept secret from those not allowed access.
13. What is security question? What are the use of it?
A. A security question is assigned by you at the time of registration, this is an extra security layer used as an authanticator for your profile on our website, It can be utilize to reset your password incase if you forgot the same. The new password will be sent to you in your given email ID.
14. While login to my profile i get a message "You profile is under moderation". What should i do?
A. For security reason, whenever you do any changes in their own profile it goes under moderation and our moderators check for the changes made in your profile, if every thing is as per the terms then your profile will be activated from our end, this process takes 24 to 48 hours.
15.What is my account?
A. It displayes your profile details, it have 4 sub-category as below:
  • View profile: You may view how your profile displays to others.
  • Partner profile: You may view how your expected parnters details displays to thers.
  • Edit Profile: You may edit your login ID,Password,profile details and replace/delete or change your photographs.
  • View album: You may view how your photo album displays to thers.
16.What is my activity?
A. It contains the activity done in your account by you and others.
  • Inbox: it will display the messages received from the other members on your profile.
  • Shortlisted Profiles: it will show you the list of profiles shortlisted by you.
  • Interest Expressed by others: it will show you the interest received from other members.
  • Sent messages: It shows you the messages sent by you to others.
  • Viewed Contacts: It contains the list of the members for which you have viewed the contacts.