About Us


Bhavbandh Marriage bureau was founded in the year 2005. It is the brainchild of the sole proprietor Mrs. Bhavana Vishwanath Joglekar under the guidance of her husband Mr Vishwanath Vyankatesh Joglekar. We have been functioning since the past 17years. Mrs.Bhavana Joglekar, our founder has had a stint for a period of 12 years at a famous British multinational banking and financial services company before deciding to take a voluntary retirement from the professional world. The thought process of doing something fruitful for the society and her ever helpful nature towards people were the catalysts that led to the inception of 'Bhavbandh'. Right from the beginning i.e. deciding on a suitable name for the institution to the journey that continues till today her husband has always been her strong support system.


In the 21st century arranged match-making world there are several competitors in this domain. Most of them have a website which is essential and prospective brides and grooms can view interesting matches and contact them. Although this is crucial we ensure that we go a step beyond this and provide personalised services which is our USP. We have realised that in this sometimes confusing world of arranged match-making what prospective candidates need the most is a personal human touch which we provide by personally suggesting suitable matches and also scheduling face to face meetings not just virtual but in real time. We have conducted several programs around this concept of face to face meetings in the past which have been a huge success. In fact, Mrs. Bhavana Joglekar is personally involved in talking to clients, understanding their needs and suggesting good matches to them. She has been the mediator in several cases which later on led to a match being made. She literally leaves no stone unturned. Not only first time marriages but through our bureau many divorcee remarriages have also taken place as well as senior citizen marriages. Our clients and their parents or guardians trust us with their personal information such as biodata, photos and horoscopes therefore we are able to help them find a suitable match and we strive to keep on doing this to our fullest potential in the future as well.


The Vision

Our vision is to become the no. 1 in making more successful marriages in India. We are spreading our wings in varied directions and are gaining confidence as the most honest, reliable and reputed marriage service for the global Indian community.


Why you should choose us

Bhavbandh.com is a user friendly portal providing its users with easy to use interfaces and customer friendly tools to make your visit easier and has very useful links and options for more effective search functionality.

Finding a life partner is the most conscious concern and sometimes you may need to address an issue or a question with somebody. We have a customer service team to work for you with both email and telephonic support for your assistance & respond to your queries. Our goal is to deliver quality customer service that is unrivaled in the Internet industry.

We have a great and fastest growing amount of data which comes from online members, Gathering, group agents, agencies and sub agencies covering the rural regions. We have the largest data base of well educated Maharashtrian brides & grooms from all over India and other countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. The data base includes bio-data of boys and girls from various fields of life i.e. Medicos, Engineers, IT Professionals, Software Engineers, Professors, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Industrialist, Businessmen, Self Employed, Employees in private & public sectors etc. It also includes bio-data of well educated homely girls.

For any enquiries related to alliances, partnerships and advertising, please contact bhavbandh@yahoo.com or contact@bhavbandh.com